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A new way to insure your risk with other people. Protecting yourself from unexpected expenses made easier!

Mizala is a peer-to-peer insurance network of over 2,000 people, where individuals pool their premiums together to insure against a common risk. It is an easier and cheaper way to protect the things that matter most to you e.g your phone, laptop, health e.t.c. No middle men, no expensive premiums, just you & others like you.

Over 2000+ active members

Cheaper than regular insurance

Pay on your own terms

Access to like-minds in our community

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What is P2P insurance?
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How does Mizala make money?
What happens when the total money collected is not up to the claims amount?
Why do I need to add my card?
What does the critical illness pool cover?
What does the device insurance cover?

No middlemen, No expensive premiums, No unpaid claims.

Stay protected on the good and the bad days, we are here for you.

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A digital protection platform that pools people in groups and creates new ways of hedging against risks life has to offer today.

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